First Responder Safe Solar is refered to as FRSS below
The purpose here is to get your opinion on first responder safety and to find out some of what you learned from the web site.
Before today, did you know that turning off the dc disconnect does NOT turn off solar panels?
Before today, did you know that firefighters may NOT fight fire from a roof that has solar panels?
Before today, did you know that the National Electric Code does NOT require that solar panels have a way to turn off?
After a first responder turns off the dc disconnect and FRSS powers down every solar panel. Does FRSS protect the first responder from solar electric shock?
Does FRSS prevent a fire damaged array from re-starting a fire?
Does FRSS protect a worker repairing or demolishing a fire damaged array?
Does FRSS provide more or less safety for first responders than NEC2014 690.12?
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